Research and Developement

Research and Developement

Bio Natural, is more than an ingredient manufacturer and supplier, we are a comprehensive service provider with a highly advanced R&D unit known in the industry for its innovation, science and sustainability. Our R&D unit associates with reputable universities around the world. We are equipped with modern analytical instruments to ensure the consistency of our products.


  • HPLC for testing actives
  • FTIR for identification
  • UPLC-MS testing for actives, molecular weight and pesticides.
  • Titration testing for actives
  • Karl Fisher Titration for moisture
  • Biolumix for testing micro
  • Clevenger for testing volatile oils contents
  • Tap density and Bulk density
  • Disintegration testing for tablets and capsules

Laboratory testing

In our strive for perfection, we are dedicated to quality assurance lab testing to make sure every product is up to standard, every time. We are equipped with modern analytical instrument such as HPLC, ICPMS, HPTLC, and G.C. Head Space to ensure quality.


Another main strength within our infrastructure is the traceability from the farmer to finished product. Our Material traceability or product traceability, traces the transfer of materials within the plant by recording all the attributes of each material and any transformations carried out by producing the finished product.